Our top-of-the-line equipment works in the tightest spaces.

Newton Tree Service utilizes high-tech, high-efficiency equipment so our customers receive the safest, most efficient job possible. Our top-of-the-line equipment means timely and efficient tree removal services for you. We are experts in performing tree removal in hazardous situations, on houses that are close together, or on trees that have deteriorated to unsafe conditions.
Newton Tree Service knuckleboom crane.

Knuckleboom Crane

Newton Tree Service is proud to own and operate a knuckleboom- crane. This equipment is much lighter than the traditional stick- crane incorporated by other tree care companies, giving us a wider range of usage, and enabling us to get into tighter places and leave less footprint behind.
Newton Tree Service Altec bucket truck.

Altec Bucket Truck

Newton Tree Service uses an Altec Bucket Truck to safely reach and manage large tree removal projects. Our crews are trained on the safe operation of this equipment and use the bucket in conjunction with expert tree care services

Mini Skid Steer

Newton Tree Service implements a mini skid steer to improve job site efficiency and to successfully operate in tight spaces. This equipment is compact enough to travel through most gates and other narrow entryways, allowing us access to hard-to-reach trees.
Newton Tree Service wood chipper

Wood Chippers

Our 12-inch Bandit wood chipper turns your tree project into neat and compact wood chips that are biodegradable and make excellent mulch and compost.